Snow Country for Old Projects

It occurred to me at about the same time that I felt the sting of lactic acid in my legs (The result of running on trails for 8 miles with a character named “Bunny”. More on this later) that a snow day would make a perfect excuse for actually making something for this “maker” blog. Up until this point, I have posted rambles about calculus and messing around with a 3D printer, but I haven’t exactly manifested something into reality. I haven’t really made anything.

A long time ago, my wife sent a private facebook message asking (telling) me to get off of my butt and make her a breakfast table for the bare spot between the kitchen island and the living room. Not a monumental task by any means, but large enough to be combative with the status quo of apathy. Happy wife, happy life. Motivated by sheer love (definitely not threats of violence), we gathered the wood from the local mill. I worked each piece to assemble a stand for the table and then promptly quit for several months. I’ll blame the Trigonometry class. No matter though, I could do nothing about the time that passed by, but I could use this snow day to my full advantage. I headed down to the bat lair (wood shop)…

pan before.jpg

Thwarted by a mess. Between the extra miles of running with the man-bunny and the condition of the basement, I was starting to consider the stark contrast of my intentions to make with the randomness of my existence. There may actually be a lack of order/randomness in the universe… Realizing that philosophizing and comparing the movie “No Country for Old Men” to my current situation would delay my project considerably, I quickly snapped out of it. I even have 16 seconds of proof that I cleaned up (see dear!).


But eventually the messiness gave way to a wood shop and a surprising amount of left over Pine, Ash, and Oak. Just enough to fabricate a table top. Working throughout the day, I made more woodchips in one afternoon than I have in the last few months combined; somewhere under the saw dust, blobs of glue, clamps, and shavings, there are pieces of a breakfast table. You wouldn’t know it from looking at the photo below, but there is an old project buried in there.

pan after.jpg

Thwarted by a mess, again. I’m sure there is a lack of order in the universe now. *sigh* Once (If) this thing is finished, and my newly developed Fusion 360 skills are complete (now I am the master) then I’ll post the full build and plans. Till next time! -KY

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