Military to Maker Podcast: Episode 2

It’s Called STEM, You Fool!

The show started off with the best intentions: to discuss how to get our children interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), but our panel cannot be controlled. The conversation quickly evolved into a discussion about the nature and value of learning STEM, particularly in a post fact world. This isn’t the show to be missed: From Jon Hohol’s epic rant about the scientific method as a weapon against conjecture to Astro Teller’s take on Moore’s Law, Episode 2 of the Military to Maker Podcast entertains and enlightens.

In this episode:

  • We discuss technology outpacing human adaptability
  • What we can look forward to in the future
  • Surveillance Artificial Intelligence (Siri, Amazon Echo)
  • Mathematics for better reading
  • The Scientific Method as a defense against the dark arts
  • General STEM

Out panel for this episode:

  • Kyle Yanowski
  • Jon Hohol
  • Jonathan Gerson
  • Spencer Cookson
  • Bill Putnam

References in this episode:


Theme music for this episode:

Industrial Zone A from the Assault Rigs soundtrack by Andrew Crowley, Stuart Duffield, and Matt Furniss.

Download Episode 2!

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