Unity 3D and Coming Back

I’m currently sitting at my desk trying to dream up excuses as to why I haven’t put pen to paper on this blog, or to be more in line with modernity, why I haven’t put finger to keys. I suppose that I should mention that the little guy pictured below has been a huge part of my blogging apathy, after all, adding a newborn baby on top of college calculus classes, a career, and consistent 2:00 AM wakeups can easily de prioritize any attempt at making things (let alone blogging about making things). The baby did it. Of course. But enough of that, I’m really back tapping away at keys to talk about my fragmented foray into making video games. Specifically, I’m here to talk about Unity.

A few posts back, which seems like ages ago, I mentioned that I had been working with Game Maker Studio 2, a 2D integrated development environment hatched into existence by developer YoYo games. Like most noob indie developers, I found one program, paid for it, worked on it, and then promptly stopped. I quickly realized that I didn’t have very much talent when it came to 2D game art. When I realized this limitation of the right brain, I stopped working on Game Maker and focused on other areas, like 3D printing and Arduino programming.

Fast forward to today, and several months after the birth of Finn, I discovered the Unity Integrated Development Environment and found a new home and love interest in making games. Mind you, nothing has quite come to fruition yet; building up some basic skills using tutorials and classes and learning the syntax of C# is time consuming, but I have managed to cobble together an understanding of Unity’s more basic features. The cover image for this post is part of a game tutorial I am working on; a simple space shooter. Minimal coding, minimal modeling, but all learning. I’ll post the completed project when I am finished (in HTML 5).

Not a long post today, but a necessary one to show that I can get back into the swing of keeping up with this blog. On a side note, have any of you pivoted into the game industry from military? How did that work out? Do you use Unity?

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