Back on Track.

Raising offspring is tough. I thought I would have a handle managing time with a 6 month old – being that this is 2nd go around – but I didn’t exactly account for the black hole where memory should be. I think this gray matter void is the brains way of blocking out memories like “You had 1 hour sleep last night… time to goto work.” Out of sheer forgetfulness, I launched this website and podcast thinking that time would – in fact – be manageable. Of course we know the story of the last six months – it was not manageable, far from it. Making took a back seat, game development went on hold, and travel for business increased (significantly) along with time needed to rear the young.

All of that – has changed. My wife and I have now sleep trained Finn, which means we are sleeping, which means that I am now conscious by the end of the day and can go back to work on this project of a website (and podcast). So let’s talk about what is to come:

This Saturday I am going to gather the podcast panel and reboot the Military to Maker podcast. I’ve lined up John Hohol (and whoever else can make it) to record episode 4. We’re going to focus on interviewing veterans that are manifesting real things – game developers, engineers, makers, etc. We’re going to discuss the military, projects, items of interest and upcoming events. The show format will still include gathering the panel to discuss random maker bits – but we are also going to solicit guests to come onto the show to discuss their life before, during, and after the Military – all in a maker context. Of course, bourbon will be flowing while the show is recorded. I have ambition to stream the recordings live over our Twitch channel, but those kinks still need to be worked out.

Speaking of Twitch – I’m also going to be streaming my efforts to work through Unity and developing a game with Jack (my 7 year old). I haven’t specifically identified a schedule, however, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST are going to be the likely stream days. Jack has developed a concept for the game “Hungry Dinosaur” (working title) where a cartoon T-REX needs to eat smaller dinosaurs to stay alive, while being chased by larger dinosaurs and avoiding tar pits. We’re using “Hungry Sharks” as a model – but with 7 year old twists. I’m proud of the concept he has created and it should be fun for him (and you) to see how a game goes from concept – to design – to final product. We’ll be building every asset from the ground up using 3DS Max, using the assets in Unity, and building animations for the models using Cinema MoCap. Jack will be the actor (of course).

Now onto making – I’m making things, lots of things, and developing the skills to make those things – though I do need to consider the money required. Since the holidays are upon us, I need to decide if I want that HTC Vive VR headset or, the parts to build a One wheel. I can’t have both – so – I guess I’ll flip a coin. (It’s probably going to be heads – which means I get the Vive). I’m still going to post the projects, and of course, I am still 3d printing all sorts of things.

So. Bottom line. I’m back on track.

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